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Water Transfer Printing Dipping Tank/Hydro Dipping Tank

Water Transfer Printing Dipping Tank/Hydro Dipping Tank

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1.suitable all kinds of productions printing 
2.The cost is low water transter printer 
3.water transter printing film machine

Hydrographic Water Transter Printing Machine /Hydrographic Transfer Printing Machine/film

Water transfer (D Surface) is a surface textured effect PVA film, after chemical treatment, using its water separation and dissolution characteristics ,transfer all kinds of different shapes of material to produce a special and elegant sense of the effect of increasing the value of the processing technique.

The technology developed by the Japanese company CUBIC, and is on the market only on irregular objects can print out the most comprehensive and best texture of way, has been used in more advanced countries of the world.


Water transfer printing technology is called a comparative environmental protection technology, it is also the most emerging a kind of high efficient print production, probably with him from printing ink in the process of the relevant. Water transfer printing use the pressure of water and activator make water transfer printing film detachment of the carrier of dissolving the transfer, basic process for:  


1-Film printing: on a thin polymer film printed on all kinds of different patterns


2-Primer spray:smear a layer of adhesives on many of the materials such as metals,pottery and porcelains.Different grounding colors should be applied if there's any need for different patterns:brown,coffee or ochre primarily for wood grains and white for stone grains


3-An extension of the film: put the film flat on the water, and waiting for the film to Expansion and formation;


4-Activation: using Activator to Transfer film’s Pattern activate Ink state


5-Transfer printing: using water pressure and be activated pattern printed on the printed material


6-Washing: washing the residual impurities on the workpiece


7-Baking the dry: drying theprinted workpiece,temperatureshould be paid to the nature of the material

and melting point


8-Primer spray: spraying transparent protection of the paint for protect printed workpiece ‘s surface


9-Baking the dry: drying the workpiece of sprayed paint.


Water transfer printing dipping tank


Water transfer washing machine



Drying machine and spray booth




We also can provide a lot of kinds of water printer films ,activator ,primer, paint .


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