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Plastic Injection Molding Machine With Servo Motor

Plastic Injection Molding Machine With Servo Motor

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Injection mold molding machine,it's widely used in plastic industry. It can be made of plastic pallets, pvc fittings, plastic crates,pet bottles,etc.


Product description

1-Production steps

The particulate material into the barrel→Rotation of the screw and barrel by heating the outer wall of the plastic into a molten state→Injector nozzle close to the mold opening→Screw pressure oil will push forward through the barrel of raw material injection mold closed→By pressure and cooling of the finished cured→Remove products


2- Features


2.LCD compure control with big display screen



4.Servo drives Plastic molding fast, accurate dimensions


3-Clamping Unit 

 Clamp tonnage is a very important parameter. We use scientific clamping device technology.

–High rigidity platen with enlarged space between tie bar

–Platen with both T-slot and mould tapped

–Optimized lubrication system ensuring precision clamping and extending the life time of the clamping

–Special design of hydraulic oil cylinder for high speed action

–High precision auto-clamping function according to the clamping force settled


4-Injection Unit 

–Double guide bracket structure,Multipoint fixed ensure injection smoothly and accurately

–High speed and high pressure adopt special injection design,improving injection speed

Specific screw and barrel designs are available for processing different material require ments


Tcehnical parameters

Specification Table BOGDA-1650

Injection Unit

Screw diameter(mm) 42 45
Shot size(cm3) 318 362
Shot weight(g) 286 326
Injection pressure(Mpa) 174 151
Injection rate(r.p.m) 135 155
Screw L/D ratio(L/D) 22.3 20.8
Screw speed(r.p.m)


Nozzle Diameter(Srmm) 10
Clamp tonnage Clamp tonnage(KN) 1650
Togge strok(mm) 405
Mould Thickness(mm) 170-440
Space between tie-bars(mm) 455*425
Ejector stroke(mm) 155
Ejector tonnage(KN) 70
Ejector number(Piece) 5
Hole Diameter(mm) 125


Heat power(KW) 8.2
Max.pump pressure(Mpa) 16
Pump motor power(KW) 15
Valve Size(mm) 16
Machine dimension(m) 5.0*1.6*1.7
Machine weight(t) 5
Oil tank capacity(L) 250


Different moulds for different products

Injection Mould


Detail picturs for Injection Machine


Packing &Shipping




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