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Semi-automatic Water Transfer Printing Dipping Tank with Arm

Semi-automatic Water Transfer Printing Dipping Tank with Arm

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Product Description

Water Transfer Printing(3D Cubic Printer) is a surface effect of printed lines PVA film ,after chemical treatment ,using its water separation and dissolution characteristics,transferde to a variety of different shape of materials to produce a special and elegant effect to increase their  sense of the value of the processing technology. 


Water transfer process is applicable to any complex surface material ( such as plastic ABS, PC, PP , nylon, wood, metal , glass, Stow, ceramic, etc.)


Water transfer process waterproof , not easily fade, so hold the same aesthetic appearance .


Semi-Automatic Dipping Tank:can be stable in dipping products,can control the water temperature.


Washing Machine:clean dirty film and activator


Drying Machine:dry water and oil


Spray Booth:Spray oil (primer and topcoat)  


PVA Film




1)Activator:using activator with transfer film's pattern into ink status

2)Primer:different grounding colors should be applied for different patterns


3)Topcoat: make product surface shine and flat.



1)Car interior decoration

2)Gun parts decoration

3)Furniture decoration

4)Household products

5)Shoe material,electric product


6)Plastic corner and so on


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