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PVC Artifical Marble Sheet Extrusion Machine

PVC Artifical Marble Sheet Extrusion Machine

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Artifical marble used in elevator doors

Product Description

Artificial marble making machine for building decoration profile  is HEAVY, just like Stone and surface with marble stamping seems are REAL MARBLE but in fact with plastic components so now in market called as “PVC Stone Plastic Decoration Profile”, “PVC Artificial Marble Stone Profile ”, “Plastic Artificial Marble for PVC” and so on.

1- Inside Main Material: Nature Stone Powder.

Nature stone powder is a natural carbonate mineral monoclinic hard rock powders after milling and selection, the main component is Caco3, which has 95% moisture inside, environmental protection.

Strong, fire-resistant, water-resistant, moisture-proof, breathable, easy to clean, without chemical and radioactive pollution, no smell, no static, no fading, no aging

2- Outer-layer Material: PVC Resin

Structure: high-density, high-fiber solid grass-roots network and with PVC resin surface covered, after extrusion and molding to be transferred or surface treatment by hot stamping or water transfer printing.

Machine List

No Machine Name Quantity
1 SRL-Z300/600 PVC Hot & Cooling Mixer (include screw conveyor) 1 SET
2 SJZ65/132 Conical Twin Screw Extruder



Main Extrusion Mould for Decorative Profiles, customized drawing 1 SET
4 Vacuum Calibration and Cooling Table  1 SET
5 Hot-stamping Machine  10 SETS
6 Haul-off Machine  1 SET
7 Cutting Machine  1 SET
8 Final Stacker   1 SET
9 SJ45 Single Screw Extruder for outer layer  1 SET
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