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PVC Plastic Roof Tile Extrusion Making Machine

PVC Plastic Roof Tile Extrusion Making Machine

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1. Energy-saving,  soundproof

2. Impact resistance, low temperature

3. Lasting color,no deformation

4. Light weight, insulation, easy to install

5. Anti-corrosion, fire-resistant


Product Description

Corrugated Roofing Tile is more stronger than steel tile and cost is only 1/3 to compare of it. 

Wide range of applications, factories, warehouses, sheds,farmers market, hoardings, walls, temporary shops, sheds,etc.

Corrugated roofing tile width: 880mm and 1050mm; thickness: 0.7-3.5mm 

Raw Materials Cost Analyze: (take 2 layers as an example)

Material First-layer of corrugated roof sheet Inside-layer of corrugated roof sheet
Name ASA (GRANULES) Mixed by PVC, Caco3, CPE, ACR, Stabilizer,Wax, PE Wax
Cost USD 4200/TON, 100g/m2 on sheet USD 670-USD 720/TON, can mixed some recycled materials
Profit Produsct cost USD 3.5-USD 3.7/M2 Normally in market sell at USD 5.85/M2 even more


Technical Parameter

SJZ80/156 Conical Twin Screw  1.jpg

Inside materials:PVC 

Main motor:55KW SIEMENS



Heating Power:20KW

Vacuum Pump:3KW

SJ50/30 Single Screw Extruder

(Include hopper dryer and auto loader)


Inside materials:ASA

Main motor:15KW

Heating Power:20KW

Extrusion Moulds and Distruber  moulds and disbutor.jpg

Mould heating power:24.5kw


5 heating zones

Embossing Rollers .jpg

Speed: 1-5m/min

Main motor: 1.5KWX2, Roller Specification: 215x1100mm

Control by inverter

Corrugated Tile Forming Machine  PVC roof sheet machine1.JPG

Knife quantity: 2pcs

Material:advanced alloy steel, knife distance is adjustable

Forming block: 22 couples (44pcs)

Material: Aluminum Alloy, Speed: 0-3m/mim Driving motor: 5.5kw

Corrugated Tile Cutting Machine  .jpg

Cutting method: by saw Cutting motor:2.2kw

Control by pneumatic

PLC control 

Final Stacker  .jpg Material: stainless steel Length: 3000mmx2


8- Necessary Auxiliary Machines

    1) Ridge Heating Zones 

    2) Ridge Forming Machine 

    3) Mould temperature Controller 

    4) PVC High-speed & Cooling Mixer Machine with feeder 

    5) PC-400 Plastic Crusher 

    6) SMP-400 PVC Pulverizer/Miller


 Packing & Delivery



CE Certificated



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